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"Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul."
- Friedrich Froebel
​LION CLASS: 2-Year Old Class

The Lion class is full of hugs and laughter on a regular basis! The daily schedule includes free play, circle times based on weekly themes, outdoor play, naptime, music and movement, art exploration, snacks, lunchtime, potty training, and quality time with friends. This class is full  of opportunities for the children to develop their social skills as they learn manners, how to use the potty, problem solving skills, building friendships, and so much more.

​CHEETAH CLASS: 3-Year Old Preschool Class

The children in our 3-year old class start off the day with open centers while transitioning from drop-off. They are able to explore in home living, science center, with art projects or manipulatives, in transportation center, with blocks, on the indoor play structure, in the reading nook and more. Their daily circle times are used to introduce developmentally appropriate themes and lessons, such as learning to recognize letters and numbers, counting, shapes & colors, seasons & weather, and introduction to the calendar. Music and Language enrichment programs are also included in their weekly activities.

TIGER CLASS: 4-Year Old/Pre-K & TK Class


The Tigers are experts at integrating play into all of their learning as they prepare for Kindergarten! This class is a safe space for building lasting friendships, taking on new responsibilities through classroom jobs, exploring with hands on math and science concepts, learning letter sounds & sight words, applying Biblical values in everyday life, and so much more. They go on multiple field trips during the school year to continue their learning outside of the classroom. Art, Music, and Language enrichment programs are also included in their weekly activities.

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