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How to Apply


Applications are accepted year-round. There are five items that need to be submitted to the Preschool Office for a completed application:

  1. 2023-2024 Online GGA Kids Marin Application 

  2. Preadmission Health History – Parent’s Report (LIC 702)

  3. Copy of your child’s birth certificate, official hospital/medical record, or passport

  4. One-time $70 Application fee for each application – CC or Bank Account Transfer via online application

  5. Recent photo of your child - individual or with family


The Director will call the phone number provided on the Application to inform the parent/guardian of acceptance into the program. The Applicant will have 48 hours to accept the available spot, unless otherwise noted by the Director.


Entrance Requirements


GGA Kids Marin is CA Licensed Preschool. We accept healthy children ages 2 to 5 years of age. Children are required to be potty-trained to enter the 3-year old and 4-year old classes. Parents are required to participate in a phone call or a school visit with the Director before being accepted into the program.


GGA Kids Marin is a private school and reserves the right to accept or refuse any application. If an application is refused for any reason, the application fee will be refunded within 30 days of the refusal notice. Race or ethnic background is not a factor in admissions. Refunds are not available for applications that are withdrawn. The submission of an application, signed by parent or legal guardian, along with application fee does not guarantee enrollment or indicate any right to available spaces at GGA Kids Marin.


According to California law parents/guardians must turn in all enrollment forms including medical forms and immunization records before a child is allowed to attend school. The following immunizations are required for those children 18 months and older:

 Polio (OPV or IPV)             3 Immunizations

  DTP/Dta/DT/Td                   4 Immunizations

MMR                                      1 Immunization

HIB                                         1 Immunization

  HEP B                                    3 Immunizations

Varicella                               1 Immunization


“A personal beliefs exemption is no longer an option for entry into child care; however a valid personal beliefs exemption filed with a child-care facility before January 1, 2016 is valid until entry into the next grade span (transitional kindergarten through 6th grade) and may be transferred between child-care facilities in California. For complete details, visit” (CDPH)




GGA Kids Marin is a 10 month program with optional summer camps. Our academic school year runs from late August through mid-June. Our summer camp program runs late June through early August. Children may enroll any time during the year provided there is space available. Each spring, families are required to re-register their child during our Priority Enrollment period, if they plan to continue at GGA Kids Marin. Applications for summer camps are accepted beginning in April of the same year.




All fees are non-refundable.

Application Fee: $70; One-time fee due with your child’s initial application

Registration Fee: $210 New Student /$185 Sibling; $160 Returning Student/$135 Sibling. Annual fee due at the time of contract signing.

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