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About Us

GGA Kids Marin is a preschool serving children ages 2 to 5 years. Our CA child care facility license # is 214005382. 


Our Mission: GGA Kids Marin provides quality early childhood education for the community of Marin County through a stimulating, loving, Christian environment and a curriculum of active learning that nurtures the growth of the whole child. It is our purpose to prepare each child for the next level of learning and growing cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Educational Philosophy:
At GGA Kids we offer age appropriate activities that are designed to develop the whole child. The curriculum offers opportunities for learning in language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, fine arts, foreign language and Bible. The preschool also offers a rich environment for play.

We believe that through play and guided learning, children develop all the skills they need for school. Childhood is a time for fun, exploration and self-discovery. GGA Kids Marin offers an environment that encourages the love of learning, independence and provides opportunities to explore new ideas.

We believe that all things are possible through God. Because of this, we base our instruction on Christian beliefs and principles. We offer a safe atmosphere where the children learn that God made us and loves us. Each child is seen as a true gift from God and is treated as such (Psalm 127:3). Because each child is unique and has been given different gifts and abilities, we work to initially discover each child’s strengths. We then are able to design activities that will build on these strengths while at the same time, encourage development in areas of weakness in the child.

As you participate in and visit our school, please remember that this is a child’s world. Work is play! Concept development comes from experimenting with the environment. We direct our children in some of their play, so that they will learn important concepts. We also provide free time for them to explore the world and learn on their own.

Children’s ideas of art, beauty and fun do not always coincide with our adult ideas. Be open to their imagination and see what you can learn from them. Welcome back to the world of childhood, imaginative play and endless curiosity. Come and enjoy learning!

Schedule a Tour

Please contact us to schedule a brief visit with our Program Director for a chance to learn more about our program and to peek inside our classrooms!

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